When his son Cash was born in the fall, Mike Oliveira took several weeks of paternity leave so he could be home with the baby and his wife Steph and their two older boys.

During that time, over Thanksgiving, he made a small batch of donuts and sold them at a farm stand across the street. Then he made a second batch and a name for his little venture: Donut Love.

The second time the Oliveiras went to the Newmarket Farmers Market, they sold 144 donuts in six minutes. The third time they brought 169 donuts and found a line of people waiting for them.

Mike makes the donuts, Steph makes the glazes. The donuts are made with potato flour and contain no artificial ingredients or colorings. What's a little crazy is that the Oliveiras are making hundreds of donuts a week in the modest kitchen of their typical suburban home. The fryer is so small it can make only two donuts at a time.

After several weeks, Mike's paternity leave came to an end and he had to go back to his real job: as a police officer.

With the business exploding, though, Mike and Steph have bought a food truck. Eventually they hope to have a shop. And Mike has put in his notice at the station, to pursue his dream of a family run donut shop.