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The Form Lab: improving balance, stability while lunging

The Form Lab in Portland is helping to change the way we move.

PORTLAND, Maine — The Form Lab in Portland focuses on movements that can be incorporated into daily lives to make people healthier and stronger. 

The gym officially opened its doors in March. Since then, trainers have been teaching clients how to improve the way they move their bodies. 

The goal is to incorporate those movements into everyday life to help get the most out of each workout and minimize long-term aches and pains. 

If you're someone who likes to add lunging into their workouts, the Form Lab's co-founder, Andrew Blais, has a few tips to help improve your stability and balance.

Blais suggests warming up beforehand. He recommends a stretch called the 'hip airplane' which helps to open up your hip region. Once you start your lunges, Blais says to remember to keep your leg and knee in line with your hip to avoid 'loading up' in a way that will hurt you. 

"If we're overloading the quads like we tend to do, because we are very forward people, try to incorporate different variations of lunges," Blais said.

To see a full demonstration and hear more tips, check out the full demonstration above.

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