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The fishing towns of Maine struggle to hold onto their traditions and way of life

“Down East” looks at the daunting challenges groundfishermen now face.

PORTLAND, Maine — Here’s a statistic that shows how much life along the coast of Maine has changed. In Port Clyde, once one of the state’s quintessential fishing towns with more than twenty trawlers, just three remain—and only one fishes year-round.

That snapshot comes from an article in the May issue of “Down East” magazine about the struggles of the groundfishing industry. Another story looks at how Kittery is trying to hang onto its character as home prices soar and people from away often snatch them up. Those trends are hardly new or surprising in that community--Boston, after all, is only an hour away—but for many residents they are unsettling.

We talked about these articles and more with editor-in-chief Brian Kevin. Check out our conversation and you’ll learn a bit more about the winds of change blowing through Maine.