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The Escape Room: 60 minutes and 3 clues

Visitors of The Escape Room in Portland are locked into a themed room and given 60 minutes to find there way out with up to three clues. 

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's a somewhat unsettling scenario. You're locked in a room, given one hour and just three clues to help you get out. It's called The Escape Room.

The Portland based adventure game has two rooms that visitors can reserve for one hour. There current themes are The Bunker and The Shipwreck rooms. Nate Tower and six of his friends tried their luck at figuring a way out of The Shipwreck.

"Never done anything like it, but as soon as my buddy told me about it I was like that's something I really need to do," said Tower.

When groups are stumped they are allowed to ask for up to three clues from the clue master watching them on video surveillance. Chandler Knowles was the clue master giving Tower and his friends hints as to how they could find lock combinations and solve riddles.

"Look around the room, keep your mind open and don't discount anything but also don't over think anything," was Knowles' advice.

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