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The band Guster is coming back to Maine—and it’s bringing s’mores

Its annual On the Ocean event returns to Maine “for kids and grownup kids of all ages.”

PORTLAND, Maine — Musicians are eager to get out and play after the pandemic forced them to stay off the road for a couple of years. That why this summer is featuring all kinds of concerts taking place in all kinds of venues in Maine.

What’s coming up in Portland this weekend, though, stands out. It is the band Guster’s annual On the Ocean event, which consists of an acoustic concert Friday at the State Theatre, an outdoor show Saturday at Thompson’s Point, and then Camp Guster on Sunday.

“Camp Guster?” you ask. “What the heck is that?”

Here’s the description from the band: “A day of your favorite summer camp games, hosted by the band. End the day with s’mores and an acoustic set by the campfire.” It will take place at an actual summer camp, Camp Winnebago in Fayette, and it’s “for kids and grownup kids of all ages.”

It sounds like a hoot, but if you don’t already have tickets you’re out of luck. Camp Guster and the Friday concert are both sold out.

None of this would likely be happening if it weren’t for the Maine ties of Adam Gardner, who’s been with the band since he, Ryan Miller, and Brian Rosenworcel formed it in 1991 when they were students at Tufts College. 

Adam, who now lives in the greater Portland area, dropped by the 207 studio to talk about On the Ocean and what else Guster is up to these days. 

Watch our conversation to learn more.

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