(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- When most people think about an opera, they likely picture powdered wigs and singers with soul and experience, crying about love and heartbreak; but when the opera is produced by teenagers, you can expect a much different result.

The University of Southern Maine is premiering, "Girl in Six Beats," created by young teenagers, about young teenagers, and composed by Daniel Sonenberg.

The teens met through an opera camp at The Telling Room. Ella Briman, Myah Garrison, Makena Deveraux, Zoe Sliwinski, Emelia Bailey, Kaspar Wilder, and Emily Greene all came from different schools and different backgrounds, but were able to collaborate on one central storyline.

"Girl in Six Beats" is a tale of discovery for a young teenager. She attempts to take her own life when she can't seem to find her place in the world. In limbo, the teenager encounters characters who help her find her voice, and her place in life.

The show will debut at USM's Corthell Concert Hall on Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday at 2 PM.