YARMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Weather is a hot topic that leaves us asking many questions. Freshman at North Yarmouth Academy, Jack Sillin, answers many of those on his weather blog that scored him a visit to the Weather Channel.

Sillin found out on March 1 that he would be making the trip to Atlanta to visit the Weather Channel and meet many of its on air meteorologists. A trip that President of the channel, Dave Clark, offered after finding out the 13-year-old wakes up every morning to check his four computer monitors for weather updates.

"Ten minutes and you can go from bright and sunny to cold and windy and I think that's also really cool," said Sillin about the unpredictability of the weather.

His school has had a total of six snow days so far and he predicted every one. An accuracy that doesn't just make him popular with his peers but also his father, Peter Sillin, who goes to his son to get the five day forecast.

"For a long time he asked me questions and now when I want to know what's going on and when is it going to start and why is it going to happen and stuff like that he's the guy I ask," said Peter.

Sillin will be visiting the Weather Channel headquarters on March 13 during his spring break, where he'll tour the building, sit in on morning meetings and learn how the channel selects the weather stories they work on.