You hear it said all the time. New year, new me. That's easier said than done. Lance and I discussed the most common resolutions in 2019 and the best ways to keep them in this episode of Take It Or Leave It. 

Lance is going into the new year trying to be better with his money. He's not alone. It's one of the top ten resolutions for the new year according to Here's their top ten list.

1. Exercise more

2. Lose weight

3. Get organized

4. Learn a new skill or hobby

5. Live life to the fullest

6. Save more money/spend less money

7. Quit smoking

8. Spend more time with family and friends

9. Travel more

10. Read more

I didn't have a resolution for 2019 because I wanted it to be something I would keep for longer than a few weeks. During the taping of Take It Or Leave It, I decided to go with number 10 and read more. 

There are some helpful tips on how to keep your resolutions. According to you should keep them simple, choose carefully, be realistic, plan a time-frame, make notes, put yourself in charge, among other things.