If you're still wandering about aimlessly looking for that last minute gift because you always wait until the last minute and Amazon is back ordered and you're sick of wading through the mobs at the mall, well, the gang at Bull Moose has answers.

They have pulled the wisdom from their creative lords, they've bowed to the high priestess and counted all the coconuts, this is the list of their favorite gifts all available at Bull Moose Music stores.

5) Bull Moose Grab Bag: 10-15 shiny discs, and who know what's inside? Disc 2 of Season 5 of The Office? A 3-disc collection of Throat Singing? The mystery is half the fun. Actually its more like ¾ the fun.

4) Kenny G – Christmas Album: This is a completely true story, but someone once called me to put 20 copies of the Kenny G album on hold because they were sending one to everyone in their family. It sounded like a prank call, but sure enough they picked them all out and I to this day wondered whatever became of all of those gifts. Also; smooth jazz is underrated as a genre.

3) Slug Stampede: How many slugs does it take make a stampede? Well 3 at least. Squirrel Underpants are so 2014 you know? The world has changed and we've changed with it. We're here 100% to support Slug Stampede.

  1. Bears vs Babies: This is card game of some sort, and it comes in a fuzzy box. The premise of which is that babies and bears fight each other I guess? The back of the box says “Beef up your monsters with nunchuck wielding T-Rexs, friggin sweet power tools, and saucy sombereos… and THE PLAYER TO EAT THE MOST BABIES WINS! From the same company that brought you “Exploding Kittens” this one is sure to be a big hit with the Card Against Humanity crowd.
  1. Tiny Hands. They fit on your fingers. They can clap. They can scratch. I'm sure you can find more things to do with these tiny hands..

Happy Holidays.