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Some favorite albums you might not expect

Mick Pratt and Chris Brown from Bull Moose share their favorite albums from their collections.

PORTLAND, Maine — Mick Pratt:

Pacific Breeze: A Japanese City Pop Collection from Light in the Attic. Released a few years ago but I’ve been revisiting it because Light in the Attic is releasing Pacific Breeze 2 later this year!

Heaven & Hell by Black Sabbath My hottest musical take is that Sabbath is better with Dio at the helm.

Once Upon a Dinosaur A weird novelty record I found in a dollar bin once. The cover alone was worth the .97 cents. In times of trouble its good to keep a sense of humor.

Chris Brown:

The Society of Seven – Simply OurSelves

The Society of Seven were based in the Outrigger Hotel in Honolulu. Like many lounge bands, they sold souvenir albums to hotel guests. What I love about this one is that all band members signed the cover. Why “Val and Berta” got rid of this LP, I’ll never know. I’m glad they did.

The Andromeda Strain – soundtrack

This is the soundtrack to one of the first Michael Crichton films. I don’t think you have ever seen a package like this before.

Jimi Hendrix – Axis: Bold As Love (mono)

List price for this edition was $100 and it sold out nine months before it was available. Why would people line up to pre-pay $100 for a record? This one sounds amazing. By the way, “amazing” doesn’t mean what you think it does.

The Jackson Sisters – self-titled

This album sounds like what it looks like. It was released in 1976, probably as a tax scam, but became popular when Public Enemy sampled one of their songs. It’s not those Jackson sisters.

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