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Siesta Sanctuary home to 80 parrots

Siesta Sanctuary in Harmony houses 80 parrots that have been rescued by Margaret Buschmann. 

HARMONY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There's a home in the small town of Harmony that has gone to the birds.

Margaret Buschmann has taken in around 80 parrots for a variety of reasons. The two most common are rescues from abusive situations and others that had owners who didn't realize that parrots can live up to 80 years or longer.

"The problem with having a pet parrot is that chances are good that families are going to be out from under a parrot and he'll be left with no home," said Buschmann.

The doors are open to the public by appointment that gets its name from the afternoon nap that all the birds take, but once their internal alarm clock goes off they're as entertaining as a Vegas headliner.

"They're from all around the world and the cool thing to us is that birds who would never see each other in the wild are here together and they make friends with each other so we have some pretty fun odd couples," said Buschmann.

To make an appointment to visit the 80 birds click here.