Christopher Robin (DVD & Blu Ray out 11/6) Disney’s live action Winnie the Pooh sequel may be a little cliché; but it’s still a story that’s probably going to make you cry. An older Christopher Robin has grown up into a busy salaryman who doesn’t have time for anything but work, but after reconnecting with his childhood friends he finds the true meaning in life is family. Like I said; a little cliché but nostalgia is a powerful drug and it’s hard not to have your heart warmed by the innocence and wonder of the 100 acre wood and its inhabitants.

Muse - Simulation Theory (Album out 11/9) Muse’s forthcoming album feels a little bit like an auditory version of Ready Player One in that it’s built on layer after layer of reference and nostalgia. Technically billed as synth-pop release (though; that term is applied loosely here) the band wrote the songs one by one rather than all together so while thematically similar each feels somewhat disconnected from the others. The music videos for the lead singles are heavily steeped in the retro 80s aesthetics and the album artwork itself was drawn by an artist best known for working on Stranger Things (though; the art itself was created with an Apple pencil; go figure).

Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra-The Capitol Studios Sessions (Album out 11/9) When you think of Jeff Goldblum maybe you think about Jurassic Park, or The Fly, or any number of Wes Anderson movies, but jazz probably isn’t high on your list. Well, turns out our boy Jeff is an accomplished Jazz Pianist who has been known to give weekly shows at a small club in LA when he’s not shooting or promoting a movie. This album collects some of these recordings so that fans that may not be able to catch him live can experience his music. How is he as a performer? Well, not bad honestly. Much better than fellow actor H. Jon Benjamin.

Rosanne Cash – She Remembers Everything (Album out 11/2) Cash’s latest album serves as a reflection on a long life lived and a career spent performing. Sometimes somber, and sometimes celebratory none of the songs seem to regret anything but instead focus on finding hope and peace after tragedy or in tumultuous times. That mood perhaps best exemplified in lines like “I stood beside you through the blast / I thought we might never last / Now look how we shine, my dear / Life Diamonds in the sun”

Mandy (Blu Ray & DVD out 10/30) Okay, this one came out last week but it’s got my number one guy in it so it’s worth revisiting. Mandy is the highest rated Nicolas Cage film since 2014’s Joe (Nic released 17 films in the interim by the way) and despite its limited theatrical run has already become a cult classic. Director Panos Cosmatos (Beyond the Black Rainbow) delivers a heavy-metal inspired revenge thriller that is as beautiful as it is brutal. Plus it’s nice to see Nic back in a good movie for a change, especially one where we also happens to have a chainsaw duel with someone.