BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There's an education program that's in high gear this summer, teaching teenagers how to navigate the ocean's waters.

Coastwise had a rough start to the year. The program that conducts youth leadership training and supports the sea scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America had its boat get vandalized. Thanks to a generous donor, they now have a 40 foot Island Gypsy Trawler to teach sea scouts, like 14-year-old Jonah Martin, how to work and navigate a boat.

"Working on the water is just a passion of mine," said Martin. "I want to go into the Coast Guard so I thought this would be a good program to get me there."

Sea Scouts offers boat training to members of both Boy and Girl Scouts of America. They join as sea rookies, but spend their winters hitting the books and their summers hitting the boat. Once the teenagers became familiar with the boat terms that are called out around them, they were able to head down the Kennebec River from the Maine Maritime Museum on their way to Boston. A four day trip that put their knowledge and sea legs to the test.

"They have really just meshed together and it's probably the most rewarding part of it," said executive officer Brandon Wilkins.

During the Sea Scouts trip to Boston they got to meet with members of the Ship 1909 from Connecticut and also had the chance to participate in the colors ceremony on board the USS Constitution.