You've probably never heard of the term 'salsacore' before. It isn't widely used. Unless you've been to Blue in Portland on a 2cnd Friday of the month, chances are you just aren't aware there is such a thing. But El Malo claims credit for this assaultive form of harmony and noise, and off tempo time signatures. It's so invigorating you may just stand stoned, agog, prostrate to the naked truth while Yamantaka Eye screams sweet lullabies in your ear. Perhaps you hear them without seeing them and think it's a track off Naked City, isn't that Zorn blowing back there.

El Malo is a collective ensemble of musicians that found the higher truth and wanted to be a part of something that rips your clothes off without your awares. Forlorn in your forgotten nightmare the bridge is so abrupt in Electro Freak you forget to put your shoes on. Or you catch Havey Tiene su Mujer and wonder why you care.

But don't take my word for it. El Malo brings their 'salsacore' to Blue every 2cnd Friday of the month.