You've seen it many times. The picture of the cowboy with his chaps & spurs, legs a kickin' and a spurrin'. It's common in the west, to see rodeos and horse riding chasing & herding cattle. Not as common here in Maine.

This weekend the PBR (not Pabst Blue Ribbon) Professional Bull Riders are putting on a show at Cross Insurance Arena. And according to the cowboy that joined us it will be a hoot. The velocity tour packs in numerous cowboys, and just as many bulls that will shake them off in 8 seconds. It is said to be the longest 8 seconds in the world. And it makes grown men look like a rag doll. But the Cowboys really love it.

Just listen to 25 year old Taloy Toves, you can see the delight as he talks about it. He even talks about how much pain he's in but can't wait to get back on the bull.

It's a life for some. And it's here in Maine.