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Ready for a break from Scrooge? Maybe it’s time for 'A Tuna Christmas'

Portland Stage Company offers a holiday production with a twist.

PORTLAND, Maine — Actors enjoy the challenge of erasing their own identities and slipping into the characters they’re portraying. In Portland Stage Company's new production, actors Tom Ford and Nathaniel P. Claridad have the chance to make that happen again and again... and again.

Over the course of about two hours, Ford and Claridad, the only actors in PSC's “A Tuna Christmas,” each play eleven different characters.

How difficult it is to pull that off, Ford said, “depends on the character. Some have come to me really quickly. Others I’m still playing around and still like, is that it?”

As the actors shed one character and wrap themselves in another, the costumes are crucial. 

“They really help,” Claridad said. “You suddenly are in a different outfit or wig, dress, pants, whatever it is—and you just know, instantly, whoever you’re playing.”

“A Tuna Christmas” is a satire set in a small town in Texas filled with flawed and quirky characters. 

“It’s got such heart to it,” Ford said with real enthusiasm. “The wonderful thing about it is it’s hysterically funny. And then all of a sudden you realize, oh, this is really a Christmas story.”

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