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The Form Lab: Changing the way we move

This week, the folks at the Form Lab in Portland are giving us tips on how to sit at our desks without causing aches and pains down the road.

PORTLAND, Maine — The Form Lab in Portland focuses on movements that can be incorporated into daily lives to make people healthier and stronger. 

The gym officially opened its doors last month. Since then, trainers have been teaching clients how to improve the way they move their bodies. The goal is to incorporate those movements into everyday life to help get the most out of each workout and minimize long-term aches and pains. 

With lots of people still working from home, the Form Lab is teaching folks how to sit at their desk in a way that won't cause problems down the road.

"Life sets us up to be very forward, sitting at a desk is no different," Andrew Blais, co-founder of the Form Lab, said. "Our arms are extended, our shoulders are rounded our posture can fall and we get that slouch." 

Blais recommends pulling your shoulder blades straight back and tucking them down. That way your shoulders become less in line with your chin and more in line with your neck and ears. Check out the full video for a demonstration and more tips.

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