PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- It didn't take long for the Portland Hunt and Alpine Club to become known for some of the most interesting cocktails and food in the Old Port; five years later owners Andrew and Briana (bree-ahna) Volk are sharing some of their trade secrets in a book called "Northern Hospitality with The Portland Hunt + Alpine Club."

It's dubbed: A Celebration of Cocktails, Cooking, and Coming Together; and includes everything from recipes to building the perfect fire and getting a toddler to try oysters.

The Volks say they have met so many people through their travels that are intrigued by life in Maine; that they wanted to share their experience through this book.

"Northern Hospitality with the Portland Hunt + Alpine Club" is available for pre-order right now.
On September 10th, the Volks are planning a five year anniversary party - with guest bartenders from all over the country.