With an affinity for the sea, the songs of the work, the toil, the nasty sweaty man-ness that worked the ships slashing whales and stealing cargo, The Shank Painters have made it their mission to sing the songs of the sea. They dress as pirates and sing the shanties of the olden days. Of drinkin' and workin', sweatin' and swearin' and the songs of women left behind for years. It doesn't seem to bother them, and they are 66% women, this trio of Elizabeth Leibiger, Margot Surr and Charlie Swerdlow. And they dress the part, arriving at the studio looking like Keith Richards. But then they started the whine of the accordion and the melodies of the sea shanties, hey they even write some of their own. And when most of us retreat when we see the drunkards start stumbling, The Shank Painters run towards them, that's their audience, and they'll give you reason to raise a glass and sing the songs of a lost lifestyle, good or bad, and dream of the day you were Blackbeard's mate.

But don't take my word for it...

They are playing May 16 at Blue in Portland.

and they have an album.