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Paula Cole finds her voice and serenity in an industry that once hurt her

Hits like, "I Don't Wait to Wait," and "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone," helped fuel Paula Cole's career, but the singer/songwriter has been waiting for 20 years to release a jazz album.

(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Paula Cole grew up in the music industry, her father was in a polka band in Connecticut.

The singer/songwriter grew to fame right after graduating from Berklee College of Music.

At almost 50-years-old, Cole has just released her newest album, Ballads, a jazz roots album that she says is a tribute to her heroes.

It was released last year on her own label, 675 Recordings and funded through a Kickstarter effort.

She has been known to buck the system, and at this stage in her career she is proving she is of substance and character.

Cole's second album, "The Fire," was entirely self-produced in 1997 and featured the song, "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone," which rose to number eight on the billboard chart.

That year she won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Her song, "I Don't Want To Wait," became the theme song to the show Dawson's Creek. Cole told us that was a profound moment in her career; she became so well known, but took a lot of heat from other artists who thought she had become to mainstream.

Ultimately, Cole needed a break from the industry. She took one, and moved out of Los Angeles when her daughter was diagnosed with severe asthma.

Paula Cole has a performance at Stone Mountain Arts Center Saturday night; a venue she plays every year, now living back in New England.