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Bull Moose talks to 207 about new releases

Mick Pratt and Chris Brown stop by to let us know what's on the way at Bull Moose.

PORTLAND, Maine — Mick Pratt and Chris Brown from Bull Moose stopped by to share some of their top upcoming new releases.

The Craft on 4K UHD

Forget Sabrina, this is the real 90s teenage witch(es). This cult classic movie about the dark arts and the consequences thereof is getting a 4K remaster with better picture and sound. You might not think it makes a big difference, but for movies, you’re used to seeing on TV or on VHS it makes a big difference!

Slipknot – Iowa Reissue 

Slipknot is a band that has sold a lot of albums at Bull Moose over the years (mostly CDs). They are starting to issue their back catalog on vinyl and the response has been big. Chris mused about how many Slipknot fans are now of “207 age” in between the first time Iowa was released and now (21 years later).

Chainsmokers – So Far So Good 

The Chainsmokers have had an interesting evolution from a pair of dubstep EDM bros (“#Selfie”) to a much more mature pop-singer-type sound ("Closer"). Their new album is more electronic beats and autotuned lyrics about modern life. I dig it, ya know?

Black Keys – Drop Out Boogie 

The Black Keys make music that makes dads want to drum along on their steering wheels – and I mean that as high praise! Catchy hooks and rock riffs aplenty. It's more of the same Keys you already love!

Florence & the Machine – Dance Fever 

Florence carries on the proud tradition of artists releasing autographed copies of their CD to indie stores and we love when they do that! Her new album Dance Fever is an ethereal pop soundscape that comes alongside a series of high-concept music videos. I am intrigued, to say the least.

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