You have most likely heard that New Orleans is a dangerous place. Your cousin knows someone that was shot by a stray bullet during Mardi Gras. The teams of horses trampled your friend Big Bob during a celebration, but he's big, so he's fine. And you've also heard that the city has music pouring like bourbon out of every door, and street corner. There are a group of musicians from New Hampshire that are bringing this jazzy swing and stomp to New England.

The Soggy Po Boys have just released their album Smoke. And it lives up to it's name. The jazz and swing of Louis Armstrongs New Orleans is vibrant & alive in these young cats. They play the horns like they mean it and the arrangements bring you into the eye of a hurricane in August. Or maybe you're sliding down the toothpick handle of the umbrella in the coconut. You can't stop moving and you can't stop swinging.

But don't take my word for it. The Soggy Po Boys are playing at Blue on Saturday night. You can hear more about them here.