THOMASTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Two young boys in Thomaston are living their lives to the fullest, despite a disease that challenges them every step of the way.

Evan Riley was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he was two years old. The disease that has slowly effected the 9-year-old's muscles will eventually move on to his lungs and heart. His little brother, Liam, also has the disease but at 7-years old he's just starting to see the effects.

"Makes me slower," said Evan. "I may not be as fast as you, or as tall as you."

The boys mother, Ainslee, discovered that she carries a gene that passed the disease on to her sons. She was told by doctors that the boy's quality of life would be limited, but it hasn't stopped them from doing what they love yet.

Evan and Liam Riley both enjoy the outdoors, especially ice fishing.

They enjoy everything outdoors, including ice fishing.

"When they were diagnosed we were told things like they would never ride a bike and they've proven that wrong and have been able to do that," said Ainslee. "We just take it day by day with them and they're amazing. They're our heroes."

Their parents are extremely proud of Evan and Liam and so is the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Evan has been named a 2018 MDA Ambassador for the State of Maine and Liam is a local ambassador in their town of Thomaston.

"Go to different events and tell speeches and explain what muscular dystrophy is to other people," said Evan about his duty as an MDA Ambassador.

Evan and Liam Riley swimming with their dad, Shane.

Evan and Liam have a busy schedule this year attending events and spreading awareness about the effects of Muscular Dystrophy and research. They are currently enrolled in a drug trial in Maryland, traveling south every six weeks for injections and testing. According to their mother, the drug trial isn't a cure, but it does have the potential to slow down the side effects of their disease.