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Mr. Drew and His Animals Too join 207 to talk snakes

Mr. Drew shares some advice if anyone is thinking about getting a snake, and why Ball Pythons might not be as easy as one might think.

PORTLAND, Maine — Whenever Drew Desjardins comes to visit 207, it’s always fun and always a little nerve-racking when he starts unpacking his containers. 

There's no way to be quite sure what’s going to come out of the boxes, but 207 knows viewers will leave with much more of an understanding of those animals and how they act.

Mr. Drew brought a pair of ball pythons with him and said they’re often sold as beginner snakes because they're docile animals. 

However, he said they aren’t the best snakes to start with because of their inconsistent eating habits. 

Mr. Drew said pythons can go periods of time without eating and that he often gets calls from snake owners wanting to know why their pet isn’t eating. 

To complete his visit, Mr. Drew wanted to make sure the 207 team felt comfortable around the snakes and even went as far as to put one around Samantha York’s neck.

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