There's an old honky-tonk legend that in 1956 Johnny Cash played to a live audience 360 nights. In 2000 Slaid Cleaves played to a live audience 250 nights during his Broke Down tour. That's five nights a week. And he did it to get his name out. It worked. He's still at it, making a living as a modern day troubadour, weaving songs together from the frays of the stories he's told. Characters appear in the melodies that you most likely went to school with, or maybe dated and realized they would never leave home. And you were right, they still live out of their parents garage. Of course, it is the choosing that makes the story interesting. The choosing to stay in the broken down ruins of a dead end town. And it is the genius of Slaid Cleaves to put these stories to music. And in these songs you will be reminded, and introduced to people you didn't know you knew.

But don't take my word for it.

Slaid Cleaves is playing at Johnson Hall in Gardiner May 11 & 12.

And you can learn more about Slaid below.