Peterborough, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Nate Morison still had a few years left in high school when he started his first business. He mowed lawns for people in and around his hometown of Peterborough, New Hampshire, and even then he was itching to run a business full-time. “I was really frustrated that where I was spending most of my day, seven or eight hours in school, I wasn’t learning anything that would help me make money on the weekend,” he says. “I didn’t feel like I was spending my time in a way that was going to advance my career, basically, and that was really frustrating for me.”

Talk about a young man in a hurry. When you were in high school, were you impatient because you weren’t doing anything to “advance your career”? Not me. I’m not even sure I had a career until I was about 35.

That entrepreneurial drive has paid off for Morison and his friend and business partner, Casey Goodrich, who now own and run a high-end chocolate business in Peterborough called Vicuna Chocolate. In this line of work one discovers friends one never knew one had. “I go for a haircut, go to the dentist, doesn’t matter where I go,” Goodrich says. “They’re always, like, you’re the one who owns the chocolate shop, right? Did you bring us samples?”