NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS (NEWS CENTER) -- If you compete in Ninja Warrior competitions, making it onto the American Ninja Warrior television show is a big check off of your goal list. Two Mainers were in Philadelphia last week to do just that.

Jesse Labreck and Jon Alexis grew up five miles from each other. Labreck in Oakland and Alexis in Waterville. The pair now train together at Action Athletics in Newton, Massachusetts climbing over, under and through the obstacles of Ninja Warrior competitions.

"I started wanting something else for competition and I found American Ninja Warrior and I started to come to gyms like this and I started rock climbing, which really helped my upper body strength," said Labreck.

The warriors traveled to Philadelphia last week to compete on their favorite show, American Ninja Warrior. It will be Labreck's first time on national television, but Alexis was on the show last year. He made it through the first two days of qualifying, but wasn't able to make it to the finale in Las Vegas. Something he hopes to change this year.

"I still want to push my limits to test them, so I do want to try to make it fast, but I think I've had a lot more practice in training so I have a lot more strength and hopefully my mind set is a lot more on point," said Alexis.

The pair's episode of American Ninja Warrior will be airing June 27 at 8:00 PM on NBC.