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Maine mother creates app to connect parents and families with each other

A Maine mother is creating a way for parents to connect through Match2Play.

PORTLAND, Maine — No matter your age, making new friends can be hard to do. It can become more difficult as you get older and have children. Sara Lopez, who is originally from Colombia, moved to Maine four years ago with her family from Puerto Rico. 

When Lopez arrived in Maine following Hurricane Marie, she looked for ways to connect with other families.  When she came up empty, she decided to create MATCH2PLAY, an app aimed at connecting families with similar interests. 

“It is a family app that helps parents to connect with people near them that have the same lifestyle, religion, language,” says Lopez.  

The app also recommends things to do and places to go. 

MATCH2PLAY, which is free to users, will be available for iPhone users in June and for Android users in August.  There is a one-time fee if users want to have a background check.

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