MOUNT VERNON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Students from Mount Vernon's fourth grade class had one of their favorite days of the year. They got to play in mud, water, and with bugs.

The students traveled to Minnehonk Lake in Mount Vernon to spend a day learning about bugs. The program, called Bugs In The Classroom, is put on my Maine Lake Society and is headed up by member of it's board of directors, Jennifer Jespersen.

"We are giving these kids some tools that they can carry with them as they become adults so that they become lake stewards and they learn the importance of the connection they see between the wildlife in the stream and pollution from land uses," said Jespersen.

Students spent the day collecting bugs as well as observing underwater life with an underwater ROV and telescope. For fourth grader, Mila Barnes-Bukher, there are several advantages to spending the day learning about bugs at a lake instead of inside a classroom.

"You don't have to sit still as much and it's fun being outside," said Barnes-Bukher.

Maine Lake Society holds several programs during the summer. For more information, visit their website.