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Lots of music, only one El Malo

They play salsa with a little hardcore

PORTLAND, Maine — Most likely the time that El Malo takes the stage you are ready getting ready for bed. Unless you are part of the salsa community, then you are tying your shoes and getting ready to cut a rug. On the second Friday of every month, now dubbed 'bad Friday' El Malo takes the stage at 10pm at Blue, an intimate club on Congress street in Portland. The tables & chairs have been removed and the floor is empty. When this jazz band strikes up, some of it sounds jazzy, the floor will fill with the Latin dance community. Don't worry about skill, this is all about pleasure.

The band will stick with their syncopated rhythms and offbeat Latin beats, but all of sudden the guitar players fingers will disappear and you might start thinking they've gone metal. The horns fill the room, an aural assault of pure joy, screaming baritones mixed with tweaking trumpets.

This is music. This is something to behold.

But don't take my word for it.

El Malo