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Looking for some scary/silly Halloween movies? We’ve got you covered

Put those slasher films aside and try a little “Spaced Invaders”

PORTLAND, Maine — Matt Gagne loves horror movies, but not the ones featuring rivers of blood and splatter. His taste runs toward the goofy, the silly, the we-know-this-is-absurd-but-that’s-the-point. As co-host of the Fun Box Monster podcast, he shares his enthusiasm for cheesy films, so he’s just the guy to recommend Halloween B-movies that will give you a few scares and even more laughs.

We met Matt—who, in his real job, is a director at NEWS CENTER Maine--at Western Cemetery in Portland on a day filled with sunshine and golden autumn colors, which was too bad. Fog, drizzle and a sense of gloom worked have served us much better. No matter. His affection for entertaining Halloween movies shines through in any weather. 

Watch our conversation, then get ready to sit back and enjoy such, uh, classics as “Spaced Invaders” and “Satan’s Little Helper.”

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