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Looking for some music or a movie to entertain you as the days grow shorter?

Here’s what the guys from Bull Moose have to say about four new releases.

PORTLAND, Maine — You want variety? We’ve got variety. These three classic albums have been given a fresh sound—and in one case a significantly different fresh sound. We’ll throw in a new movie release as well, all with commentary from Chris Brown and Brett Wickard of Bull Moose. Here are some of their observations about these new releases.

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Spanish Model

They removed Elvis Costello's lead vocals from This Year's Model and asked contemporary Latinx stars to sing over the original backing tracks. Then they rebalanced the instruments to make everything sound more modern. The drums are louder and punchier. They said "Pump It Up" when talking about the bass and they turned down the organ. They managed to make an incredible album even more exciting.

Metallica - Metallica (aka The Black Album)

Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland remastered the original 1991 album. Depending on how many demos, outtakes, and live concerts you want, you can get a 3CD version or a 5LP/14CD/6DVD version.

Ray Charles - True Genius 6CD set

This covers 1960 through the end of his life. Except for an unreleased live concert from 1972, technically everything else has been released. A lot of this was never issued on CD, even though Ray owned his masters. It's an amazing overview of his career, including parts of it that have been overlooked.

Black Widow

The latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is out on home video. It is the biggest film of the Covid era, if you want to call it that, but still a lot of people have yet to see it. It's been streaming for a month, but obviously you need the 4K or at least the Blu-ray if you want the full experience.