Many years ago, during a controversy about the storage of nuclear waste from the Maine Yankee plant in Wiscasset, a guy altered his car’s license plate so that instead of saying Vacationland it proclaimed Radiationland. The authorities were not amused.

Despite the chilly reception, the move got from state government, I kind of like the idea of a doctored license plate that says Damnationland—not as a political gesture, but in tribute to the film showcase of the same name, now in its ninth year. For the most part, the Damnationland series presents films made in Maine by Mainers, with an emphasis on horror and thrills.

Hollywood directors make more money during a coffee break than the folks who turn out these films earn during the life of the project. There’s no money, no fame, no glamor in making pictures for Damnationland, just the rewards of creating a movie that’s fun and maybe scary and perhaps thought-provoking. These folks don’t take themselves too seriously, hence the tongue in cheek slogan of the series: Damnationland…the way life should bleed. Maybe somebody ought to put that on a license plate.