LEWISTON (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- The Lewiston Recreation Department fills with seniors every Thursday morning who have one thing common. Their love of cribbage.

Anywhere from 50 to 70 senior citizens arrive on Thursdays to play cribbage. The games are put on by the Lewiston Senior Citizen's group. Roger Labbe has been directing the games for a decade and before that he was a player.

Cribbage cards.

"My father was an avid cribbage player. He played with the Knights of Columbus and he got me involved in playing cribbage," said Labbe.

It's known at the weekly cribbage games that Mickie Farnum has luck on her side.

Mickie Farnum still enjoys playing cribbage at 95-years-old.

She also has experience because she's the oldest player in the room. The 95-year-old is also the quickest mathematicians to sit at one of the 15 cribbage tables.

"I get out of the house, I see people and it's fun," said Farnum. "Especially when you're winning."

Start time for playing is at 9 AM on Thursdays. Lewiston Senior Citizen's group is open to residents in Lewiston, or surrounding communities. You have to be at least 50-years-old and membership costs $10 a month.