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Learning to drive again after a traumatic injury

Heather Shields has helped around 130 people learn to drive again at Pathways Driving Rehabilitation Services. Working with seniors and those who have suffered a traumatic injury. 

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- When you go through a traumatic accident it can turn your life upside down. Physical Therapy can help improve the body, but there's also a service that rehabs your driving.

At Pathways Driving Rehabilitation Services, there have been around 130 people that Heather Shields has helped get behind the wheel. The occupational therapist of 18 years has a passion for helping seniors and people with medical conditions learn to drive again.

"They're ready to get back to a different world of being able to do stuff that they used to do and not have to rely on people, so they're ready," said Shields.

Fred Writt suffered a spinal cord injury last year that left him without the use of most of his lower body. He reached out to Shields to learn to drive using a push rock hand control system where a lever to the left of his steering wheel controls the break and the gas. Difficult to learn at first, but it wasn't long before he regained his license and his independence.

"I was able to go to my own doctors appointments, do my own shopping, get around, see friends and that was a huge boost," said Writt.

For more information about Pathways Driving Rehabilitation Services and how it can help you, go to pathwaysrehabservices.com.

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