KITTERY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There's a business in Maine with some very hungry employees, but lucky for them a hearty appetite is one of the requirements.

Heather Lombard employs seven goats at her business called Scapegoats. There job is to eat invasive plants that customers are looking to get rid of on their land such as knot weed, multi floor rose and even poison ivy and poison oak. It takes the goats around 3 days to clear the plants from an eighth of an acre.

"I'm the kind of person that once I get an idea in my head I just kind of go head first," said Lombard. "And so I have no goats and then one day in the middle of April I had seven."

By hiring the scapegoats, customers avoid the use of pesticides to get rid of unwanted plants. For Connie Molton's son, it was the benefit of goat hoof prints versus carbon footprints that lead him to hire the heard.

"No chemicals for sure and the fact that you're not having to go down with machinery that's putting gas fumes in the air," said Molton.

The Scapegoats cost $500 a week to rent and can be used on both residential and commercial land. For more information click here.