PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- At the Cumberland County Jail there are several training programs to get inmates prepared for the outside world. There's one inmate though who isn't just helping himself out, but making the jail a much prettier place with giant murals.

Olaf Nordmann was checked into the jail in July for assault charges. The former tattoo artist volunteered his time to touch up some of the door labels in the halls, which eventually led to him painting larger murals in the jail's gym. Nordmann has painted 7 different large murals and counting, many of them with a sports theme. The New England Patriots, Boston Bruins and Celtics are all represented as well as some local teams including the Portland Pirates and Maine Redclaws.

"When people walk by a piece and go holy crap, that's the reaction I like getting," said Nordmann.

The artistic inmate is scheduled to be sentenced in early January, facing a maximum of five years in jail. Whatever the outcome may be, he's spent a lot of time reflecting on what he'll do to put his skills to good use outside of incarceration.

"I've got a couple job opportunities lined up before I even leave," said Nordmann. "I'm not coming back here. Not in my mind."