(NEWS CENTER) -- As cooler weather moves in, you'll start to feel those drafts coming through the windows, but they aren't the only areas of concern when it comes to losing heat from an old home.

James Schwartz has recently finished a column for Maine Preservation on 10 easy ways to make an older house more energy efficient.

He starts outside with exterior caulk, which is great for sealing gaps around window and door casings; the gap between the sill of your home and the top of the foundation; and places where utilities enter the house.

Speaking of windows, he suggests an easy way to make a storm window that fits perfectly inside the window sill. Schwartz recommends using a pine frame and shrink wrap to create, then wrapping foam around the frame to fit snugly into place.

Don't forget to cover your outlets. Hardware stores sell thin insulators that fit just behind your outlet cover.

If you have a fireplace, Schwartz recommends filling a long leaf bag with insulation or crumpled newspaper, tie it off, then stuff it up the neck of the chimney.