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Improve core strength with tips from The Form Lab

The Form Lab in Portland is changing the way people move to help them feel happier, healthier and get the most out of their workout.

PORTLAND, Maine — How much thought does the average person put into picking up something off the floor? If the answer is "not much," that's not uncommon. The folks at The Form Lab in Portland want to change that.

The gym officially opened its doors in February. Since then, trainers have been teaching clients how to improve the way they move their bodies. The goal is to incorporate those movements into everyday life to help get the most out of each workout and minimize long-term aches and pains.

Andrew Blais, co-founder of The Form Lab, said even something as simple as picking up an object off the floor the wrong way can lead to problems down the road over time

"What we do is break those bad habits and create new ones that we practice outside of our time at the gym," Blais said. 

With more people enjoying the warm weather and taking advantage of at home workouts, Blais wanted to offer tips on how to perfect your plank. He said the key is to focus on your core.

"If you can strengthen not just the abs but the actual trunk and the entirety of the core, your exercises in the gym or your exercises at home are going to get a lot stronger," Blais said.

It's easy for people to do an entire workout and not get anything out of it if they aren't focusing on their form, Blais said. The "bird dog" exercise and a simple plank is a great way to focus on core muscles. Check out the segment above for a full demonstration.

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