KENNEBUNK, Maine — When the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) unveiled it's new facility in Kennebunk, it honored its longest serving volunteer.

Stan Barwise has been helping with the dogs at AWS for almost 25 years. He's there twice a week to volunteer, but is known to come more often than that to help. 

"Retired and I knew that I couldn't play golf seven days a week and I wanted something to do that would be helpful," Barwise said.

The work has had an effect on Barwise. He's needed and he likes that. In a quarter of a century, you can imagine the impression he's had on his co-workers. Executive Director Abigail Smith included.

"The most stand up guy you'd ever meet who is true as the day is long, who is dependable and wise and compassionate," Smith said.

The 86-year-old likes to refer to the dog kennels he spends most of his time at as 'Stan's office'. That gave Smith an idea after AWS went through three years of renovations and new construction.

"Occurred to us that really we should dedicate it to the guy who waited twenty years to have his office renovate," Smith said.

During an unveiling ceremony in August, a plaque was revealed in honor of Barwise's 20 years of dedication and hard work. The longest running volunteer who couldn't be happier then during his days spent at Stan's office.

"Getting out of the house, working with the staff that we have here and working with the dogs. I love them," Barwise said.