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How often do you check your iPhone or device?

If you're close to average it's over 150 times a day.

PORTLAND, Maine — A new documentary, LIKE, takes a deep dive into our use & addiction to social media and our phones. The term phone has become synonymous with a pocket computer device. It logs our steps, keeps our calendars, our access to information, connection to friends & our social groups, and we still call them phones. The question is how are they affecting us? 

LIKE, a documentary made by mother & son team Scilla & Ian Andreen goes beyond the gorilla glass and looks at how our brains are being rewired. Our constant desire to be 'connected' is actually taking us away from each other. The micro-distractions to check a text, it might be from our kids, or the need to share a photo or like someone else's have isolated each individual into a microchamber of discontent. The rate of anxiety in Maine has climbed to the top of the country in teenagers. The effect of these devices is akin to narcotic & opiate addiction. We need to be in contact. Our reward centers are continuously lit up, these too can fatigue. 

But the film is not about a lost cause. It has hope. We just need to gain a little control.