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Hope springs eternal. Yellow Tulip Project spreads this truth

Julia Hanson lost her two best friends in a month during her sophomore year of high school to suicide. So she started a project about hope.

Julia Hanson will soon be leaving Maine to start college at Occidental. She leaves behind a wake of Yellow Tulips.

During her sophomore year of high school at Waynflete, she lost two of her closest friends to suicide. Even the most well adapted and emotionally intelligent wouldn't have the skills to cope with such a loss. This kind of loss is not something to be prepared for. And Julia was a sophomore in high school. Yet, through her grief, she took one friend's favorite color, yellow, and the other friend's flower, the Tulip, and began the Yellow Tulip Project. The project is about bringing light into the darkness and an effort to smash the stigma of mental illness.

Julia is a force of positivity. She's bright, unafraid and willing to look those most uncomfortable of conditions in the face. She is pushing for awareness to be brought to suffering. To give hope to those that are pained or suffering and to open the discussion to say it is OK not to feel OK.

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