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Here’s what happens when a gifted videographer does a story on a place touched with a little magic

One more look at the work of 207’s Devin Crawford

MAINE, Maine — You might be wondering why 207 ran a story this week on a summer resort in western Maine that’s closed this time of year. Blame it on 207 videographer Devin Crawford, who had the gall—the gall!—to leave us for a job at a TV station in Nashville.

Before he hit the road, we wanted to share with our viewers some of Devin’s best work, and the story he shot and edited about the Quisisana Resort a few years ago falls into that category. Quisisana, tucked into a grove of pines opening up to a beach on Kezar Lake, is a special place, and Devin captured its magic.

Which is why I’m not going to write anymore about it. Just watch the story. When you’re done, you’ll likely say, “Wow, Devin is good…really good.” That’s what we’ve been saying on 207 for the past five years, and that’s why we’re going to miss him so much.

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