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Here’s how to keep your phone charged in the great outdoors

No electrical outlet? No problem!

PORTLAND, Maine — It’s summer in Maine and your vacation week has finally arrived. You escape from civilization and head to the woods, far away from work and bosses and deadlines. The last thing you want to see is emails from the office.

You do, however, want to take photos with your phone. So how do you keep that phone from dying when the nearest electrical outlet is two hours away?

Rich Brooks of Flyte New Media in Portland, who joins us on 207 to talk technology, has been thinking about this dilemma and, as usual, has come up with some smart solutions. They range from solar-powered chargers (do they work when it’s raining?) to chargers you crank by hand (can you bring your phone back to life and get ripped biceps at the same time?). Watch our interview and find out how to keep your phone alive no matter where you go.

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