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Here’s a remarkable trip to Baxter State Park. Don’t miss it.

Meet a registered Maine Guide who finds tranquility outdoors (and keeps track of her activities on a spreadsheet)

MILLINOCKET, Maine — There are all kinds of ways one could approach doing a story on Christi Holmes, a woman of unusually broad interests and accomplishments. A civil engineer and registered Maine guide by profession, she finds time to pursue her love of the outdoors through hiking, ice fishing, turkey hunting, fiddlehead picking, mushroom foraging, and so many other activities that she has to keep track of them on a spreadsheet.

When 207 videographer Kirk Cratty lined up a shoot with Holmes, he had an idea that fit her perfectly. On a morning in June, they’d meet at Baxter State Park at sunrise for a few hours of fly fishing.

Now, at this point in this story, you would customarily read more about Holmes, her background, her time spent hiking the Appalachian Trail, and her philosophy about the rewards of waking up early. It’s all good stuff, but I’m going to skip it and make an unusual request: Watch Kirk’s story. The video is…arresting. You are not likely ever to find yourself on Kidney Pond at dawn as wisps of fog drift up from the water into the first rays of the day. This story will take you there.

It’s a journalistic sin to be repetitive, but allow me to say it one more time: Watch Kirk’s story. You can thank me later.

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