MANCHESTER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- PGA Golfers in Maine attended a seminar at the Augusta Country Club to learn how to teach the game to wounded veterans.

The seminar called PGA HOPE, which stands for Helping Our Patriots Everywhere, gathered professional golf coaches from across Maine to learn how to teach the game to veterans living with physical and cognitive disabilities. National coach trainer for PGA, David Windsor, lead the lessons.

"They can become confident and comfortable with the correct and proper approaches helping our local veterans here to pursue the game and develop a passion for the game of golf," said Windsor.

The coaches tried on prosthetic simulators to get an idea for what someone who is missing a limb is dealing with. They understand that they can never truly understand what life is like for a wounded veteran until they go through that life changing experience, but like director of the Norway Country Cub Scott Mann they do want to help. Discovering how this training could benefit not just veterans, but also themselves.

"How do you know what's going to happen to you tomorrow," said Mann. "I love the game of golf, that's why I'm a PGA professional. This could happen to anybody at anytime."

In addition to their stop at the Augusta Country Club, PGA HOPE traveled to 14 other cities across the US to teach their adaptive seminar.