Glenn Cummings became president of University of Southern Maine three years ago he faced a recent budget cut, and declining enrollment. He decided to start by turning a $4m dollar deficit into an $8m dollar reserve. That caught peoples attention, and created a great swell of confidence in USM. They started looking at the assets available to them, namely the city of Portland. A city full of craft breweries, local sourced restaurants and a thriving music scene. It's a great little town. Cummings needed to find a way to market the location, the professors, and the atmosphere of being in downtown Portland to the incoming student body. Today USM has internships associated with every major offered in over 430 businesses throughout the state of Maine. Originally, Cummings had thought this would be a five year project. He's reached this goal in 36 months. And with the surplus that USM now has, it's a school worth the watching. And a very positive story.