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Ghost hunters search for spirits at New Hampshire Inn

The Bernerhof Inn in Bartlett, New Hampshire is inviting guests to take part in a ghost hunting weekend March 29-30 with Central Maine Ghost Hunters.

BARTLETT, N.H. — An Inn that sits in the heart of New Hampshire's Mount Washington Valley is getting spooky.

The Bernerhof Inn has a rich history and with that has come some paranormal activity. The inn opened in 1877 and was called The Glenwood Inn. The name was changed by new owners Claire and Charlie Zumstein to The Bernerhof Inn in 1955. According to inn keeper, Nick Panno, Claire likes to interact with workers from time to time. 

"They've seen her folding laundry, they've seen her straightening curtains," said Panno. "She loved this place, took very good care of it." 

A member of Central Maine Ghost Hunters stayed at The Bernerhof Inn recently. It was after that visit, that the group decided to partner with the inn to hold a ghost hunters weekend. Seeing for yourself what spirits exist and maybe having a former inn keeper tell you why it is she still haunts these halls.

"I want them to get in there and actually do some investigating themselves, so they can see what we do and use the equipment," said Central Maine Ghost Hunters founder Dustin Marcia.

There are eight spots left for couples, if you'd like to take part in the ghost hunting weekend. It costs $749 per couple. That pays for your lodging, breakfast, dinner and the opportunity to track down some ghosts. 

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