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From the “Farmers’ Almanac,” some ideas to make your life a little easier

What to do with a lone sock? Peter Geiger has some suggestions

PORTLAND, Maine — Peter Geiger was destined to go into the family business. For sixty years his father served as editor of the “Farmers’ Almanac,” a publication produced in Lewiston, and when the elder Geiger finally retired he handed the job to Peter, whose tenure so far is relatively short. He’s been editor for only 26 years.

The “Farmers’ Almanac” is perhaps best known for the odd but constructive tips it offers. An example: “Got fish? Save the water each time you change the bowl or tank and use that to water your houseplants. It’s full of nutrients.”

Want to see more tips? Geiger joined us on 207 armed with old socks, lint rollers, pineapples and more. Watch what he does with them and then put them to work.

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