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From “Down East” magazine, some recommendations on what to enjoy in Maine this summer

Parks, forts, rivers and museums, but also wooden skis and barbacoa tacos

PORTLAND, Maine — What’s on your list of classic Maine summer pleasures? In its July issue “Down East” magazine explores some of its favorites, from lakeside homes to lobsters on the beach. Editor in chief Brian Kevin joined us on 207 to talk about a few of the articles, including one with a series of photos by Ben Williamson showcasing Maine’s historic forts. These structures, as “Down East” notes, are “bastions of history and marvels of engineering.”

What makes the forts especially appealing is that you’ll have them pretty much to yourself. “I’ve made it to most of the ones that made it into this photoshoot,” Kevin told us. “I can’t think of a time when I’ve walked into any of these historic forts—many or most of them run by the state—and gone, ‘Whew, this place is awfully crowded.’ “ They are, in short, places where you can find something special this summer.

You’ll also find good times in the six communities that made a list of “favorite small-town downtowns,” ranging from South Berwick in the south to Houlton in the north. There’s a lot to enjoy in these towns: parks, rivers, and museums, of course, but also a circus, wooden skis, and barbacoa tacos. Watch our interview—and read the articles--to find out more.

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